We're almost ready!

17, April , 2015 2 min read


So, here we are. It’s taken a while but finally we seem to be at a point that requires me to write a blog…...because we have a product, and a brand and i’m pretty certain that someone is going to be interested.

In around 2008 the humble lunch box became an issue for me. I had 3 small kids and an active life and i needed to pack lunches. so of course i bought a lunch box, a plastic lunch box. and when it broke i bought another...and another. after a while i was fed up. i’m not really an eco-warrior as such, more of an eco-worrier but i knew that chucking all that plastic into landfill wasn’t ok. i decided to look around and buy a metal box, which i did. it had peter rabbit on it and cost a fair bit. it lasted maybe a year - which by comparison to the plastic ones was pretty good but in the end it too bit the dust and i returned to the shops looking for a better buy. ok. next choice was an indian tiffin. have you seen them? they are made of stainless steel and they stack. good really. however my kids didn't want dahl and rice for lunch at school, surprise surprise and after a while i had to face the fact that i couldn’t fit sandwiches or an apple into the round tin…..aaaaaahhhhhhhh now what? ding! light bulb moment…...stainless steel box the same dimensions as the plastic ones. genius! surely i could get one. but no!! poor me. at this point i figured that there must be other people with the same concerns as me and i decided to find a solution. my dad is indian and me and the other half had planned a trip to india so our kids could meet family there. i resolved to find someone who would manufacture a tin for me. this might sound easy but believe you me it was not. trying to convince the manufacturers that i wanted something different to what they were already making (and i could find no one already making a product that would work for us in the west) was nigh on impossible but i did find someone. So to cut an already bit too long a story short we (my very good friend Liz came on board a couple of years ago because she knows that 2 heads are better than 1) now have a product, a logo, a brand and a lot of good ideas. What we don't have is the money... or in business speak, the capital. And that’s where we’re at. At the end of this month we will launch our crowdfunding campaign where people will be able to pre-order an elephant box at a discount. We’re a bit anxious but raring to go. So watch this space !

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