Joy's Intrepid Adventures into a Plastic-free World. Mission Update 1

27, July , 2015 2 min read


Right, @mscuk(marine conservation society), you have thrown down the gauntlet and I accept the #plasticchallenge. That’s no single use plastic for the whole of June.

At first glance the idea of accepting this challenge was a no-brainer. Seems like a win win situation? Less plastic gets used and we get to learn stuff and feel good - like we’re making a difference.

But then I got to thinking about it more. I guess that I dont need to explain what is wrong with using so much plastic. But then why do I use more than I think is ok on a daily basis? The fact is that although I think that I’m a fairly conscientious and environmentally aware person, I am actually probably quite lazy and I make excuses for myself because lots of things that really aren’t acceptable are accepted. For instance, why do I still buy milk in plastic cartons? Because I havn’t made time to organise the milk round. Not good enough really!

Anyhoo, it doesn’t stop there. I have been thinking more about what it means to live without plastic and what single use plastic is. Like, I use the packaging from fruit and bread as the kids sandwich bags. Does that mean it’s ok to buy the fruit in packaging? As i’m using it twice? Probably not. Have also been thinking about the things that I think I do well at the mo, what I can change, the things that are maybe ok but not perfect as they are and the things that I’m going to find difficult…..but that can wait. Think you’ve read enough for now. Check in again soon, as my plastic free life takes shape x

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