Joy's Intrepid Adventures into a Plastic-free World. Mission Update 2

27, July , 2015 2 min read


Hello there. Well, it's 1st June and my plastic free efforts have officially started. Actually they started quite dramatically. You see, I ran the Edinburgh Marathon yesterday and then I missed my flight home! I mean, what was I doing??? Lounging around happily drinking coffee when I realised the time. Too late! Anyway, that meant that I spent the night at the airport and awoke to my plastic challenge. Challenge number one - no toothpaste. I had none with me and couldn't buy any - it's all in plastic! Luckily I managed to scrounge some from a friend but it really brought home to me my need to get organised! I also didn't buy some water but got my old bottle refilled, not a very unusual thing to do but still counts.

I managed to get home by the afternoon and as you might imagine I had a serious craving for a lovely easy comforting and calorie rich tea. Oven chips, veggie sausages, peas and gravy was my dream. And a dream is what it was. Oven chips - in plastic, frozen peas - in plastic. Dont be defeated I thought. I managed to run 26 and a bit miles 7 minutes faster than I ever have before and I wont be beaten by packaging. So just a little rethink. Broccoli instead of peas, chips from the chip shop in paper, veggie sausages from a box and gravy granuals come in cardboard - except the lid, that is plastic. I'm going to keep all the plastic I buy and document it at the end of the month. So that lid is the first bit of evidence. Lastly - tomorrows goals. 1, sort out the milk round so the milk comes in glass. 2, find some toothpaste that's not in plastic. Fun. And there you have it.

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