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Reusable Razor - bamboo & stainless steel

Reusable bamboo and stainless steel safety razor from Bambaw. Our 2 favourite materials!

100%  plastic-free :)

Why we love this razor. It's made from 100% degradable or recyclable materials. Its heavy weight handle makes for a very accurate and pleasing shave.

  • Plastic-free
  • Includes 1 razor blade - you can buy more from our shop
  • Reusable forever (if taken care of)
  • Closer shave 
  • Easy to replace blades
  • Healthier skin (less irritated)
  • Made with sustainably sourced materials
  • Razor blades are widely recycled
  • Easy to change the blade

This razor has a stainless steel closed combed head (the grooves in the head of the razor) which tightens the skin just before the blade cuts through the hairs, ensuring a smoother, flatter shaving surface for the razor. This reduces the risk of nicks and cuts to the skin.

Changing and cleaning your blades couldn't be easier, we include the instruction guide link below or you can scan your packaging QR code to access it.

The razor’s handle is made of sustainably grown bamboo and has a stainless-steel head which is super easy to unscrew. It also comes with one blade to get you started and all double-edged razor blades should fit it. We sell those too, you can get them here!

Why swap

Conventional razors are the new plastic straws - they're meant to be used a few times and then thrown in the bin. They're not easily recyclable as they're made of mixed materials. Since most of them are made of plastic, that means continued use of fossil fuels that will probably end up in landfill.

What's inside

  • 1x Bambaw safety razor
  • 1x Razor blade
  • 1x Instruction manual

    How to use

    1. Simply unscrew the stainless-steel head
    2. The two parts will separate
    3. Place the razor blade in between the two parts of the head
    4. Screw back into place and its ready to use!

    User Manual

    If you have never used a safety razor before Bambaw has provided an in-depth downloadable guide on how to use and care for your razor. Plus it also has some recipes for homemade shaving cream and soap! – Download Here 

    • 1x Bambaw safety razor
    • 1x Razor blade
    • 1x Instruction manual

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