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Cotton Bread & Produce Bags - Wholesale

These organic cotton drawstring bags are a zero waste essential

You can do away with single-use packaging almost entirely with these bags. The biggest bag is perfect for carrying and storing a loaf of bread and the two smaller bags are great for filling up with loose dried goods or fruit and veg. They're very high quality, made using super strong cotton with a fine weave so you can carry oats, rice or flour home without losing any on the way.  

Made responsibly in India from GOTS certified organic cotton

Why we love these cotton bags

  • Reusable - you never need another plastic bag again
  • Strong & durable - useful or storing & carrying more than just groceries Drawstring closure means your lentils will stay put!
  • Very high quality - will last years and years
  • These bags are made responsibly in India with GOTS certified cotton - Good for people & the environment

This pack contains three sized bags - small, medium and large

Here's a guide to capacity
  • small (16cm x 22cm) 500g coffee beans, 1kg rice, 1kg popping corn
  • medium (23 x 28cm) 1kg muesli,1.2kg pasta
  • large (30 x 36cm) 3kg muesli, 4kg rice, loaf of bread

Care: As the bags are made from natural material, they may shrink about 10% from the original size. To preserve the lifespan of the bag, wash on a gentle cycle at 30' and line dry.

What is GOTS?

GOTS is the gold standard for sustainable processing of textiles made from organically grown fibres (such as cotton or wool) & is an internationally recognised standard that advocates an environmentally & socially compatible production chain for textiles. To be certified with the GOTS standard, every step of the supply chain, from harvesting through production, processing, manufacturing & labelling is checked. The use of organically cultivated fibres, the exclusion of environmentally harmful or toxic substances & the introduction of a minimum wage are just a small snippet of the binding criteria stipulated by GOTS.