Large Screw Top Canister 500ml

We love this handy & versatile container. Its a great alternative to plastic tupperware at home & it's great for carrying food to work or school too. It's snug locking system means you can safely store virtually anything in it. The small screw top canister nests neatly inside.  

*This product has a screw closure, but no rubber seal so its perfect for your salads with dressing, or a breakfast of yoghurt & granola on the go. Want a 100% leakproof seal? Click here.

  • 100% 204cu Food grade stainless steel
  • Won't stain or carry odours 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Tough and durable 
  • 100% plastic free

Diameter 10cm | Depth 6cm | Capacity 500ml  | Weight 160g 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Great tub.... very stylish

Hamburger Happiness

Initially bought to store items in the freezer this was tried out with a couple of 4 inch burgers, which were found to fit perfectly. They were then placed in the freezer for a while to see how they worked! I'm glad to report that they worked perfectly! On being taken out of the freezer they opened easily with the large sized screwing action. the burgers fitted perfectly (sme small space to make inserting the meat and removing the same after it had been frozen down. No problems noted especially as there was no plastics in the system and thus in contact with the burgers. Now to try something else of the same size! the thousand dollar question is of course, would I buy more of these? Frankly I don't see how I can't - they look good, freeze down cleanly and yet are ready to instantly give up their contents with no problems at all - a win win situation I believe!

Excellent...and bigger than you think

I use this as an on-the-go breakfast bowl. The quality of the tin is brilliant - it feels really good and very druable. The lid screws on tightly and I have never had any yoghurt/liquid leak from the tin. It also comes out sparkling in the dishwasher....though it will be in the dishwasher alot - fingerprints stick to this tub.

Not for hot

it is suitable for salat or snack like nuts. but you cant heat food in microwave. or to hold hot soup in your hands

Great for overnight oats!

I love my Elephant canister! I use it for making overnight oats to have for breakfast at work the next day. An added bonus is that if left in the fridge overnight I don’t need to put it in a fridge when I get to work, it stays cold for hours! A great talking point, everyone asks me about it! It looks really cool which I love, and of course, zero plastic, very important. I shall definitely be adding to my collection come pay day :)

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