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Organic cotton produce bag - set of 3

These organic cotton drawstring bags are a zero waste essential. They mean you can do away with packaging almost entirely. Here's hoping you have a zero waste shop nearby!

The bags are perfect for filling up your loose dried goods at any zero waste store. They're made using super strong cotton with a fine weave so you can carry oats, rice or flour home without losing any on the way.  Easy drawstring close.

This pack contains three bags - small, medium and large.

small 16cm x 22cm | medium 23cm x 28cm | large 30cm x 36cm

tare weight : small 18g  |  medium 28g  |  large 45g

material : certified organic cotton

Here's a guide to capacity

small - 500g coffee beans (maybe a few more),  1kg rice, 1kg popping corn

medium - 1kg mueslie,  1.2kg pasta,

large - 3kg mueslie,  4kg rice

Made in India 



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