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Plastic Free Shopping Kit

This kit provides you with handy bags that allow you to do away completely with disposable bags. A low waste living essential!

Disposable bags (even if they are degradable) all take energy to manufacture, transport & even to dispose of. Useing reusables is a sure fire way to lower your carbon footprint. Just remember to take them with you & use them for years & years.

This kit contains

  • Organic cotton tote. Printed with our elephant logo. Great size - wide enough for a frozen pizza ;)
  • Organic mesh veg bags. Set of 3. Stretchy mesh bags for fruit & veg.
  • Organic cloth bags. Set of 3. Close weave cloth bags for use at a refill shop or use the big one to keep bread fresh. Actually very useful for all kinds of things.
These bags are made responsibly in India with GOTS certified cotton.

Mesh Bags Spec

  • small16cm x 22cm - about 750g tomatoes, 500g root ginger, 5 onions
  • medium 23cm x 28cm - about 2kg onion (about 16), 2kg apples (about 13)
  • large 30cm x 36cm - about 4kg spuds
  • The tare weight of each bag is marked on the label

Cloth Bags Spec

  • small (16cm x 22cm) about 500g coffee beans, 1kg rice, 1kg popping corn
  • medium (23 x 28cm) about 1kg muesli,1.2kg pasta
  • large (30 x 36cm) about 3kg muesli, 4kg rice
  • the tare weight of each bag is marked on the label

Why we love these bags

  • Re-usable - you never need another plastic or paper bag again
  • Breathable - pack up and store fruit & veg knowing it will stay fresh
  • Strong & durable - useful or storing & carrying more than just groceries 
  • Drawstring closure means your potatoes wont roll out! 
  • The large cloth bag is just right for a loaf of bread
  • These bags are made responsibly in India with GOTS certified cotton - Good for people & the environment

Cotton Tote Spec

  • 47cm wide
  • 11cm gusset
  • 37cm deep
  • The handle is 67cm in total -33.5cm from where it's attached to the bag to where you hold it
  • Lightweight - Keep it in your handbag or des drawer so you're never without it
  • Tough & durable - Strong cotton with high quality stitching & seams

Care: As the bags are made from natural material & can shrink a little when washing. To preserve the lifespan of the bag, wash on a gentle cycle at 30' and line dry.

"Brilliant bags. These bags are just what I was looking for. They are strong yet flexible, good sizes for a variety of produce and look like they are made to last. Happy to recommend . Have seen lots like these but not this quality". - Lauren F.about cotton mesh bags.

Everything is shipped plastic free from the uk.

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