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Reusable Organic Tea Bag

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We love this clever concept. Nor more faffing around with tea strainers for you. Simply fill the bag with loose leaf tea or herb tea or just some mint from the pot on your windowsill and pop it in your cup or teapot. The teabag is easy to empty and rinse under the tap, enabling you to cut down on packaging from teabags, and even better you can buy your loose leaf tea plastic-free from a refill shop.

The string is made from unbleached cotton and long enough for using this bag with mugs or with a teapot. 

Made from GOTS certified organic cotton

What is GOTS?

GOTS is the gold standard for sustainable processing of textiles made from organically grown fibres (such as cotton or wool) & is an internationally recognised standard that advocates an environmentally & socially compatible production chain for textiles. To be certified with the GOTS standard, every step of the supply chain, from harvesting through production, processing, manufacturing & labelling is checked. The use of organically cultivated fibres, the exclusion of environmentally harmful or toxic substances & the introduction of a minimum wage are just a small snippet of the binding criteria stipulated by GOTS.

Customer Reviews

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Reusable Organic teabag

As the tea of your choice brews in the reusable organic teabag, feel good that you are not adding to pollution by plastics then drink your personal tea!

excellent idea makes tea taste like I remember my nan making

These are a great idea, I have been looking to get away from tea bags for ages but the strainer was never really effective so when I saw these I had to give them a try and they work really well.
i make a few up the night before and I am set for the next day they get washed with the rest of the washing up and dried. tea tastes just like I remember my nan making back when i was a kid just with out the leaves at the bottom of the cup.