About Us




At Elephant Box we believe in making things to last. It's better for the environment and it makes people happy too. Our products are eco-friendly and made from food grade stainless steel. 

The elephant box design is inspired by the Indian tiffin. In India these tiffins are used over and over again for many many years and are the perfect thing for carrying your food around. Perfect for dhal and rice maybe but not if you want to pack a different kind of packed lunch. So our flagship product; the Elephant Box is designed to be as sturdy and long lasting as a tiffin and just as useful for storing and carrying all sorts of things. It's an eco lunchbox with bags of style.

As we expand our range we will work with our factory to produce the best quality and most useful products we can think of.


Joy has the vision and is pretty sure you can make the world a better place if you keep the faith. She also likes running (a lot)! 

Liz enjoys tackling the strategic problems involved in setting up a brand new company. She's happiest when strolling along the beach with her feet in the waves.