Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We will post our stuff to you wherever you are! If you live outside of the UK the shipping will be added at the checkout. If you don't see your country at the checkout just get in touch, it just means we haven't sent anything to your country yet! If you have any queries just drop us a line at info@elephantbox.co.uk

Will my order be packaged plastic free?

Yes! When your order gets sent out to you it's plastic free and its the same when the products get sent from our manufacturers. Everything is sent only in cardboard. It's very important to us.

Are your products food safe?

All Elephant Box products are made from food grade stainless steel, Our water bottle sports cap is made from bpa free plastic. All approved by European and FDA guidlines.

Which grades steel do you use?

Different grades of stainless steel have slightly different compositions.

*The Elephant Box, our cups & water bottles are made from grade 18/8

*Our other lunch boxes and snack pots are made from grade 204cu or 304. 

Have I got rust on my Elephant Box product?

All Elephant Box products are made from 304 or 204 food-grade stainless steel which is safe durable and highly rust resistant. If your item appears to have rusted, it's probably just a mark left behind from the electropolishing process, which smooths the surface of the metal and makes it shiny. Sometimes electrolytes left on the surface turn a rust colour, but it's harmless. To remove residue, soak your Elephant Box overnight with hot water and baking soda or white vinegar. Follow the soak by scrubbing it with a soft cloth or soft bristled brush. Please give this suggestion a shot and let us know how the cleaning goes.

Do your products scratch easily?

Our lunchboxes & snack boxes have a mirror finish. This means that surface scratches will show up. In fact we want to let you know that sometimes our lunchboxes have minor imperfections already there before you purchase. This isn't a manufacturing defect. Steel is made up of at least 40% recycled material and as our lunchboxes are made in small family-run factory it isn't always possible to buff all the marks out. We want to use our Indian suppliers so we are fine with that. If you don't think you will be, you might be better off with brushed steel lunchboxes. It is purely a cosmetic thing, many of our customers say how much they love the shiny finish and how well it cleans up in the dishwasher. With use it will get scratched, dented and lived in. Think of it like lines on your face! Our bottles and cups are brushed steel so surface scratches don't show up in the same way.

Can I put these products in the dishwasher?

Yes, almost all of our stainless steel products are safe to put in your dishwasher for cleaning. unlike plastic, they will not hold odours or stain. You can remove the silicone seal on the leakproof canisters and the water bottle for thorough cleaning! *The stainless steel bottle cap must be handwashed only.

Can I put these products in the microwave?


Can I put these products in the freezer?

Yes, stainless steel is suitable for freezing. Just make sure you leave a gap at the top as liquids expand when frozen. Remember the Elephant Box is not 100% leakproof so be sure to store it upright in the freezer.

Can I write on my boxes with a marker?

Yes, use a non-permanent marker to write your name or what leftovers are stashed inside.

I run a shop and I want to stock your products, who do I contact?

Please contact Joy for more info. sales@elephantbox.co.uk

Do you offer co-branding?

Yes! Pease contact Liz; liz@elephantbox.co.uk for more info and pricing.

What if I am not 100% happy with my product?

We provide a 100 % money back guarantee if you return the product to us within 30 days. Please see returns for more info.

Are Elephant Box products leakproof?

Our leakproof canister is the only one of our products that is guaranteed 100% leakproof. It has a removable silicone gasket. Our two screw top canisters have a twist closure, but no rubber seal so they are perfect for salads with dressing, yoghurt & granola on the run. All our lunchboxes have no plastic or rubber seal so are not leakproof. Keep them upright if you've got something runny in them!We will have a new 1 litre leakproof Elephant Box coming this summer. 

Where are Elephant Box products manufactured?

All of our lunch boxes and snack boxes are made in two family-run factories in India that we have a strong relationship with. We have personally visited the factories and are satisfied that working conditions are fair and ethical.

Our produce bags are made responsibilty in India from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Our cups and bottles are produced responsibly and in accordance with European standards in China.

Which Elephant Box products fit inside my Elephant Box?

We get so many questions about this and we haven't done a video yet(!)  so thought we'd let you know here for now!

  • Two small screw top canisters.
  • One large screw top canister and one small screw top canister.
  • One small screw top canister and one square snack box.
  • The square salad box.
  • Two mini snack pods and one snack pod.
  • Two snack pods.
  • The square salad box and a mini snack pod.
  • The small screw top canister nestles nicely inside the large screw top canister when empty.

That's all the combos for now, there will be an amusing and informative video coming soon .....