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Stainless Steel Washing Up Bowl

Easy clean

304 grade stainless steel

15 year warranty

ocean friendly

100% stainless steel washing up bowl 

Washing up bowls are a bit of a marmite product, you either use one every day & wouldn’t wash up without it, or you just can't see the point of them!

We are very firmly in the first camp, but for too long plastic has ruled the roost when it comes to getting your dishes clean. We knew just the material that would best overcome the everyday slime, grime and general grottiness that comes with a plastic washing up bowl.

This washing up bowl is made from premium 304 grade stainless steel - clean, hygienic, strong and stylish; for people who want something pleasing to use, & that will last forever. 

features & spec

  • Flattened rim around the top for easy handling
  • Won’t rust, stain or split; made to last a lifetime
  • Won’t degrade or discolour like plastic
  • Responsibly made in China

  • Capacity    10 litres

    Size           L 364mm x W 314mm x H 150mm

    Weight       877g


    Measurements include the 18mm lip that runs around the edge of the bowl.

    shipping & returns

    We ship plastic-free!

    Standard Delivery: FREE for orders over £50 or £2.95 for orders under £50 

    Royal Mail 1st Class: £3.60 

    Express 24: £4.70

    90 day hassle-free returns

    The brushed steel finish will look good in any kitchen & the large 10 litre capacity will fit 10 inch plates, plus all those pots and pans that need cleaning!

    It will fit modern, butler or farmhouse style sinks and its large flattened rim makes it easy to handle - great for washing dishes, spring cleaning or getting the veg from the allotment clean!

    ** Please note that the bowl may scratch Belfast or enamel sinks ** 

    "I’m never going back to a plastic washing up bowl. Think this wash bowl will last me a lifetime. I love that it’s solid and won’t easily scratch or stain. Fits beautifully inside my sink and looks really stylish too". - Lieu N.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 291 reviews
    Alan Belk
    Extreme disappointment

    I ordered from Canada 24 days ago. Although Royal Mail tracking (why can’t I track it locally?) shows it was delivered 2 days ago I have seen no sign of it, and I have no way of finding out what’s going on since any inquiry has to originate from the sender and the Royal Mail website either sends me in circles or tells me to wait and see, neither option being helpful. The bowl languished in Glasgow for a couple of weeks before crossing the Atlantic and now appears to have fallen into a black hole. I know this is mostly down to Royal Mail EXCEPT Elephant Box chose to use this method of delivery and did not offer alternative methods.

    Alex Jelly
    Wonderful way to save water

    A friend commented that I was wasting water with my HUGE sink, so I went and bought an Elephant Box. I could have used a cheap plastic one but am eco-aspirational so decided to search for an in-sink eco washing up bowl. Elephant Box came up and I bought it immediately! Not disappointed as it arrived super fast and has been doing the job as wonderfully as I expected. Some issues with grit and dirt collecting UNDER the bowl, but nothing my Belfast sink can't handle - thank you, Elephant Box!

    Louise McRitchie
    Great product !!

    fab product... so much better than endless plastic bowls that get all yuk !! hopefully I won't need another in quite some time now ... 🤞

    Ming-Sai Gillam
    Why didn’t I buy this sooner?.

    I wish I knew that stainless steel washing up bowls existed sooner!! I always bought separate plastic bowls for rinsing and washing up dishes etc and one for my delicate hand wash clothing as I could never quite wash away the grease from the plastic ones and eventually the plastic even marked. The stainless steel is far more hygienic and I can just quickly wash and clean away the kitchen grease before I use the bowl again for hand washing clothes. Thank you to ELEPHANT BOX !

    Helen Bowcock
    Stainless steel washing up bowl

    Great! Good size; nice smooth edges as the top, looks wonderful... I'm using it for all sorts of jobs - and in bounces back everytime looking pristine and stylish. Love it!