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Awesome but a tad heavy

Really like it for its strength and size.
definitely sturdy.

Really like it

It actually works.

Perfect food storage/lunch box

Does exactly what you expect. Secure fastening and easy to clean

Absolutely fabulous!

I use mine almost every day, it’s strong and robust and of course looks totally cool. Most importantly they are great for the environment.

Lovely product

Lovely environmentally friendly bento boxes - I love the small one, which is perfect for fruit and veg. Very nice!

Very well made

Great quality product. Have changed the star rating form 3 to 5 stars in light of the information given below.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to make a review of our products, let me shed some light on this subject because it is pretty confusing as we are told stainless steel should be non magnetic! Our lunchboxes, including the 2 in 1 are made from 204 stainless steel, commonly used for its high corrosion resistance and low nickel content. The snack pods and our water bottles are made from 304 grade steel, the most comomn grade steel used in the dairy and brewing industry. These grades are in the 200 & 300 series, they are ausenitic and are typically non-magnetic. However this can change when the metal is worked to create our boxes. During the process of folding, polishing and welding the steel can become magnetic in these areas and thus becomes magnetic overall. After substantial cold working 204 & 304 grade steel may exhibit a strong response to a magnet. However this does not change the elemental make-up of stainless steel, it is a result of stress and pressure exerted on the stainless steel. Our products are periodically tested in an independant lab to ensure that there are no hazardous substances involved with our products. I hope this info helps, you can also take a look at this link to the British Stainles Steel Association to find out more.

A talking point at work as others arrive from the hospital canteen with food in plastic boxes and, would you believe it!, plastic cutlery!
I am delighted with my reusable lunch box, not only better for the environment than a plastic one, it is easier to keep clean and looks lovely too.
I really like the closing mechanism.


Very nice stainless steel box for my 5 years old box - she adores elephant print


Superb! Love everything about the elephant boxes!!!!

Works perfectly!

Box of delight

Both beautiful and useful, these rather stylish boxes are ideal for packed lunches. And just looking at.

Beautiful and stylish boxes

2 in 1 lunch box. I took it with me when I was travelling with work. Perfect size and with the 2 boxes you can have a mixture of sweet and savoury. Highly recommend. 5*


Such a great size and there’s nothing else like it in Australia. Definitely a worthwhile purchase and investment.

Fab sustainable lunchbox

Great size - massive - and can fill it with a very large lunch. Been admired by colleagues and now my partner is looking to buy one. I looked everywhere for a large enough lunchbox. Most on the market are relatively small compared to their plastic cousins. The clips are very strong and can be a little difficult to budge - but I see that as an advantage as keeps the lid tight shut.

great way to reduce plastic waste

bought this as a present to my boyfriend so he would reduce the use of plastic bottles. now he always carries this bottle with him. it sits in a hand wery comfortably and the carry loop is very convinient, although most of the time he uses sports cap. note that hot water will heat the bottle from outside, so if you need a termos, this one is not what you need. in any other case this pretty, stylish bottle will allow you to carry plenty of water with you. wide mouth is really handy, especially when you ask to pour in some water at a cafe.

Stylish sustainable lunchbox

The two in one lunchbox is so versatile. Perfect for school lunches and so much better than plastic. Easy to clean.

Wonderful little pot

Good sized container which keeps my mid-morning yoghurt & granola lovely & cool, without needing to refrigerate.

Great present!

I bought this bottle for my boyfriend and he is very pleased with it. A better price than other companies, good delivery service and communication.


Good quality containers useful for carrying a portion of fruit, nuts etc.Fit nicely inside the large lunchbox. Should last for years hopefully.

Good size

A good quality container that has been in constant use since purchase and hopefully will last for years.

Good size, but can leak a little

I use my tins for breakfast (yoghurt) and find that, if the yoghurt separates, there can be a little leakage of water even when the lid is on as tight as I can get it. I've started putting it in a ziplock bag which I keep for a few weeks. It's not the best solution, but saves having to wash my rucksack out regularly. The larger size is perfect for breakfast, the smaller size is good for snacks (nuts, olives, etc).

Hi Phillip. Thanks for your review. If you need something totally leakproof might be interested in our round leakproof canister. Its pretty much the same capapcity as the large screw top canister.

Very sturdy. Came in all recyclable packaging.

Very good boxes

It will be better if boxes will sealed

Perfectly Practical

Excellent product both in looks and manufacture which will give years of service without the use of plastics.

High quality & no more plastic

I love this boxes as a sustainable alternative to plastic.Great to put them to my small handbag, I don't have to worry if anything from it is leaking. I am very satisfied.