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Brilliant lunch box!

Great to find this larger sized metal lunch box - not plastic- it will be in use every day and great service too.

Good size where others are just that bit too big. Sarnie no problem

They are spot on. Added to my ever growing collection of tins.
Good sizes

Twist & Lock Leakproof Trio - soft

Twist & Lock Leakproof Trio I love trio i only got it for the 250ml because right size carry a small tin of bake beans when you out on a day trip backpacking but the 500ml also great for a large tin bake beans or any other type of food tins but i got about the tins it is bit soft for in your backpacking or a trailer etc not sure if i would use the 800ml outdoors trips but will tell thank you

Washing up bowl for life

I ordered the grey coloured bowl, it said they were seconds because they weren' happy with the fastness of the coloured coating, I say I have a beautiful stainless steel bowl that cost me less than I had expected to pay. As well as no longer needing to regularly replace damaged and revolting plastic bowls, which over the years have probably cost considerably more than this one, not in just monetary terms either. This purchase really is a no-brainer.

Elephant Box
James W.
Beautiful lunch box

Never thought I could describe a lunch box as beautiful- but these ones are!!! Brilliant quality and awesome products.

Christmas present

I’ve bought this as a Christmas present so I’ve not used it but I can say the quality of manufacturing is excellent

500 ml Water Bottle.

Quite retro designed and a great shape 500 ml water bottle. However, there's a small dent on the water bottle which must of occur during the postage hence giving 4 stars.


Very good

Excellent service and my husband finds it brilliant for his lunch box


Very good. Had multiple products now all very good

Elephant Box
Calum F.
Excellent product

Bought as Christmas present but the lunch box looks like an excellent product. Very well made. Saw this product on Treeapp.

Boxes are fine

Boxes are fine would be even better if they had been designed to nest like the tubs so that they are space saving when stored

Stainless Steel Washing Up Bowl

Really happy with this bowl.
Very good quality.
Everyone must have one.

Stainless steel washing up bowl.

What’s not to like?! It’s easy to keep clean. Looks stylish, is not plastic and hopefully will last for a very long time!

Super customer service!

There were a couple of errors with my order, including a faulty product. The company responded really quickly and put everything right very fast. I think their customer service was excellent, and I am really pleased.
I will shop with Elephant Box again when needed as I feel I can really trust them as a company.

Lush bowl

The bowl is very nice and has already been put to good use. Little disappointed that there was a small dent in it when it arrived but it’s not the end of the world.

Stainless Steel Washing up Bowl

Great purchase and don’t think I will ever need to buy another my stainless steel
Washing up bowl is a great hit with all the family.

Seal & Go Trio
Angie K.
Love them!

Very cute and just the right size as lunchboxes to take to work. Received lots of compliments already !


Great alternative to plastic

Seal & Go Snack Pots
Mary C.S.L.
Great stuff

These small snack pots look just the job for carrying unsalted mixed nuts as a snack in my bag. Lovely!

Elephant Box
Sarah B.
Original elephant box

This is my second box - first has been used by my son at school for over 3 years and it seems indestructible - great size too - very happy with this product



Great product highly recommended

Bought as a gift

The product arrived in a slightly squashed box from the postman which I guess can’t be helped but maybe a bit more packaging would help it that? The lunch box had a sort of spotty top where the metal was blotchy. I wiped the lid and it came clean but I wasn’t sure if it was faulty or if that’s just how the metal goes. The lunch box itself looks sturdy, it’s a good size and looks like it won’t leak. I bought it as a gift so haven’t tried it out myself but I’d quite happily buy one for taking my lunch to work as my current plastic box leaks a lot unless it’s kept flat. This metal one looks like it could be tossed around in a bag with no fear of leaks.