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Organic mesh produce bag - set of 3

These organic cotton mesh drawstring bags mean that you no longer need to use a plastic or paper bag to weigh out your fruit or veg in either supermarket or greengrocer. You can say good bye to disposables!

They are made from certified organic cotton which is quite stretchy and they are lightweight and durable. They make great bags for camping and travel too!

There are 3 bags in this pack - small, medium and large.

small 16cm x 22cm | medium 23cm x 28cm | large 30cm x 36cm

tare weight : small 13g | medium 28g | large 45g

material : certified organic cotton

Here's a guide to capacity

small - 750g tomatoes,  500g root ginger,  5 onions

medium - 2kg onion (about 16), 2kg apples (about 13)

large - 4kg spuds

Made in India


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