Our Ethos

We started Elephant Box because we wanted to be a part of the solution to the problem of plastic.   

Overconsumption is harming our planet. Our mission is to provide products that are useful, beautiful, durable and reliable. We want to give people a reason to buy better and buy less. Our product will last a lifetime and will help you reduce the amount of waste you create. 

We like to keep our packaging simple plastic free and recyclable.

When your order gets sent out to you its plastic free and its the same when the products are sent to us from our manufacturers.

We love to collaborate!

Raising awareness about the problem of plastics & single use & working with educators &  campaigners is a big part of our plan with Elephant Box. If we’re asked to support a campaign or project, whether it's a primary school competition or an expedition to the Antarctic, we will always help if we can. Get in touch here