Our Ethos

Everything we do is mindful of our impact on this planet.

We will provide products that are useful, beautiful, durable and reliable. 

We want to give people a reason to buy better and buy less. That’s why we sell things that are built to last. It uses fewer resources and it makes people happy too!

We like to keep our packaging simple plastic free and recyclable. 

When your order gets sent out to you its plastic free and its the same when the products are sent from our manufacturers. Everything comes packaged only in cardboard. 

Our products are made in India and China

Our range of lunch boxes is manufactured by an experienced family business in India, who has been working with stainless steel for several generations. We are confident working conditions are fair and ethical, have visited our manufacturers personally. 

Our produce bags are made from GOTS certified cotton in India. 

Our cups & bottles are made in China. We are satisfied that our suppliers here are working to promote fair & safe working conditions. 

We love to collaborate!

Raising awareness about the problem of plastics and working with educators and campaigners was a big part of our plan with Elephant Box. People often ask us to support their campaigns or enterprises and whether it's a primary school competition or an expedition to the Antarctic we will help if we can and are always happy to have been asked.