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Clip & Seal Lunchbox No.4 - 1.2 litres

15 year warranty

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A lunch box that ticks all the boxes!

This box is packed full of features to make packing your lunch or storing leftovers a doddle. 

With a roomy 1.2 litre capacity, you can easily store meals & leftovers in the fridge or freezer - just use a marker pen to keep track of what's inside, and because it's lightweight & ultra durable, it's perfect for taking food with you. Plus, you can even use it to heat up pre-cooked meals in the oven. 

 Good to know:  The innovative clipping system guarantees a 100% leakproof seal. The removable divider makes it easy to keep your salad leaves separate from your rice salad too. 

Meet your new kitchen essential, responsibly made and designed for life. 

"This is perfect for the size for lunches I take, high quality finish and leak-proof which is so needed for my busy day". Mark A.


No.4 Spec

  • Premium 304 grade brushed stainless steel - strong durable and highly rust resistant.
  • Leakproof & airtight ( unique locking system & removable food grade silicone seal)
  • Stacks & nests easily - taking up less room in your cupboard
  • Generous 1.2 litre capacity
  • Includes removable divider
  • Won't stain or carry odours like plastic
  • Easy to clean & dishwasher safe - comes up sparkling every time
  • Oven & freezer safe
  • 100% plastic free - no toxins and chemicals
  • Responsibly made in South Korea 

**When you put the seal back in after washing, push it in tight and make sure it's clean dry and free from grease

No.4 Dimensions

  • Capacity 1200ml
  • Depth 5.5cm
  • Width 15.4cm
  • Length 21.2cm
  • Weight 470g 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
The Walrus
Big Spray

I have recently purchased the large stainless steel conical spray bottle from Elephant Box and I finally have a decent sized spray bottle that is not plastic, will not break if dropped and looks really good in the kitchen (OK it would look good anywhere really but I have this one in the kitchen).

As I said the big thing about this bottle is just that - it's BIG - this means that whatever the operation you can do it in one "hit" rather than spend your time refilling smaller bottles - means you can concentrate on the job in hand properly! Oh yes, it is not that large that you need Charles Atlas or some other bodybuilder on hand to pick it up! On the down side the actual pump is made of plastic but in comparison to the rest of the bottle it is fairly small (but not that small!) but being plastic it prevents a lot of problems priming and keeping the pump running. As usual the $64000 question is would I buy another one? Now that is already a "works" in process, knowing when to stop is closer to the mark - well done to the Elephant!!

Mark Ashworth
Perfect Box

This is perfect for the size for lunches I take, high quality finish and leak-proof which is so needed for my busy day. Many times I have been cleaning up oil and dressing from the bottom of my bag.
Definitely recommend for eco conscious purchase

Shannon Quinn
Great products

Really happy with my purchases! Great quality products, easily cleaned, no stains etc. Would definitely recommend and I’ll be purchasing more.

Aizhamal Alieva
Eco-friendly lunch box for multiple purposes

I love the idea that
1. the lunch box is infinitely recyclable.
2. the lunch box (without the lid) could be used in the oven.
3. the lunch box is airtight and leakproof, which is important for me when I take my own lunch to work. I don’t have to get stressed out and keep checking my bag.
4. The lunch box is made up of 100% food safe category.
5. I can keep not only one type of food but also two different foods because there is a divider in it.
6. I don’t have to feel guilty that the package it’s been delivered is not recyclable or plastic. The package is eco friendly.
7. It has come with the 4-week diet plan.

Thanks a lot for your quality product and effort to offer eco friendly products.

Yvonne Brown

Very sturdy, perfect size and just what we needed for my husband's lunch. This should last for years unlike the plastic ones he used to use. Stylish, just right for the job and no plastic, why even all the packaging is recyclable no plastic, just perfect. Thank you