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  • Recall of Plain Steel Insulated Bottles

    Recall of our 750ml plain stainless steel insulated water bottles and 350ml plain steel flask. 

    (Product discontinued in September 2023)

    Since we started Elephant Box we have strived to provide safe and durable products to replace plastic. Our products are regularly tested by accredited labs to ensure we provide our consumers with safe products however it is clear that we have not delivered in this instance. 

    After recently receiving feedback from customers, additional follow up testing and talks with the manufacturer, we discovered that there is in fact lead present in the solder in the outside join on the base of our insulated bottles. 

    The manufacturing process used a pellet that contains some lead to seal the vacuum insulation at the base of the insulated products. 

    In the plain steel version of these bottles this join can become exposed. We are encouraging consumers who purchased these products between 2019 and  September 2023 to stop using these bottles and get in touch with us for a refund.    

    Liquids in the bottle are not exposed to lead due to the double walled construction of the product; the soldered join is on the exterior of the bottle. 

    On our coloured bottles this sealing dot is covered with multiple layers of hardwearing powder coat so there is no lead present on the surface of the product. In the unlikely event that this area becomes exposed customers can contact us for a full refund.

    To claim a refund and talk to us about this issue, please contact us at hello[at]elephantbox[dotco[dot]uk

    Where possible please give us your order number, your name and/or an image of the bottle or flask to be refunded and we’ll contact you about the next steps. If you have bought your bottle in another outlet thats fine, we just need a picture of the bottle. 

    Thank you.

    Liz & Joy