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3 in 1 Snackbox

Like a snack? Keep them all tidy with this 3 in 1 tiered snack box.
2 tiers and a snack pod - there's a place for everything!
You can use the top layer and the snack pod on their own too.

Capacity: Bottom Stack - 400ml I Top Stack -  450ml I Snack Pod - 150ml
Total Length 15cm I Width 11cm I Height 8cm I Weight 445g  

Dishwasher safe

Made in India using 204 & 304 food grade stainless steel    


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Smart practical and good for the environment

Fur coat and no knickers

Great looking design, and great in theory but way too small for any practical use. Can’t even fit two slices of bread in any compartment and the mini container can’t even hold a sliced apple. Sorry.

Perfect size,

I needed something versatile that I could switch up depending on what i needed on the day. This is perfect. The top portion can fit into almost all my bags for a quick snack or light meal, or heavier meals if I plan on taking some rice for lunch with me. And if i needed an extra compartment, i'll just latch the bottom container on, for more food or just to hold my cutlery and napkins. The only thing is, i dont quite get to use the tiny snack box often because once i put it into the top layer, there isnt much space for the rest of the food i want to take along. So if ever i carry the tiny box with me, it's outside of the snack box. Though i do just bring the tiny box out and it can hold quite a substantial amount of small nuts.

It is advertised as a snack box, but it holds enough for lunch for me.

Just beware of bringing any hot foods, because this box is not leak proof means it also does not contain your food smells. So everyone's gonna sniff out your curry if you decide to bring it along. haha. i just wrap it up tight with a cloth and it helps. But overall, i really love this box, it's versatile enough for my needs and can hold what i need on most days. It also looks super aesthetically pleasing and feels sturdy. It also washes really nicely and I can see myself using this for a long time!!

Great review Isabelle. Thank you. I think our customers will find it very useful :)
really good size

I haven't tried them yet but I bought them for my son lunch at school and they are perfect size. He starts school next week and perfect for fruit, and cold meal for him.


So handy for everyday use! And looks beautiful. Very pleased with the product

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