12, April , 2019 2 min read

Easter is just around the corner and, unfortunately for the environment, it has evolved from its pagan origins into a festival of plastic wrapped eggs. What’s more, most of these chocolately treats contain palm oil, which is a major contributor to the destruction of rainforests.

With66 million tonnes of palm oil being produced annually and 3,000 tonnes of plastic waste being generated from Easter egg packaging, how can you have a plastic-free, palm oil free Easter?  

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Read on to find out more.  And yes, you can still eat some chocolate!!


Palm oil free plastic free Easter

The best way of ensuring that what your consuming is cruelty-free? Make it yourself!

Remember those chocolate cornflake nests that you would make for Easter as a child? - totally palm oil free chocolatey treat, no environmental angst included.

There is a growing range of dairy-free, palm oil free chocolate spreads out there, including ‘So Free’ from Holland and Barret and ‘Mr Organic Vegan Chocolate Spread’ from Waitrose. Mix this chocolate spread with some palm-oil free cereal from your local zero waste shop to create your own twist on the classic chocolate cornflake nests.

Of course, it doesn’t all have to be about chocolate! You could try introducing some healthier treats for children over the festive period. The good people over at MyKidsTime suggest getting creative and making the Easter bunny out of fruit! There's always good old egg painting to get everyone into the festive spirit. Everyone loves an Easter hunt of course whatever you choose for the kids to find.


palm oil free plastic free Easter

Of course, not everyone has the time or the creative skills to make their own Easter treats. There are a number of chocolate eggs that have  ditched the plastic packaging. The Standard has their pick of thebest plastic free eggs here and so does theIndependent who have also chosen thebest vegan/cruelty-free Easter eggs.



Of course, plastic packaging free Easter eggs are a start, but to really over-indulge without the guilt it’s best to make sure they are also palm oil free. While there is absolutely no such thing as sustainable palm oil there are a number of palm oil free Easter eggs out there. The easiest way to make sure that your delicious Easter egg is palm oil free is to take a close look at the ingredients before purchasing it. If you are looking for a few places to start though, then head over to The Ethical Consumer which lists palm oil free products in most of the major supermarkets.




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