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Zero-waste or low- waste shops are growing in popularity.  Chances are that you already have one close by! In our previous blog we looked at what exactly the term ‘zero waste’ meant, and now we’re going to talk about how you can make the most of your local low-waste/zero-waste shop.


Making the most of your low-waste shop

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Low-waste shops can be baffling! We get that.  If you’re used to seeing everything in neat packages, stacked in aisles then bags full of cereals, containers filled with nuts, and jerry cans full of washing up liquid can be overwhelming. Don’t don’t give up, it doesn't take much to make the most of your local low-waste shop!


Containers are key!

It might sound super obvious but containers are key to low-waste shopping! In reality, though, remembering to take a whole bunch of containers that you might need with you can be hard. Particularly, if you are leaving the house in a rush, or just remember that you need some more washing up liquid when driving back from the school run. In this case, it can be easy to go to the nearest supermarket, but to keep you on the low-waste track, we recommend leaving a few spare containers in the boot.  That way they are always there! If you don’t drive, why not leave a cotton bag with a few spare containers by the front door - easy to grab on the way out!


Don’t be afraid to ask!

The folks running your local low-waste shop are probably very friendly! One of the easiest ways to make the most of your low-waste shop is simply to ask them for help. Trust us, they were once as confused as you,  and will probably be only too eager to help!


Adopt a low-waste mindset

In our 24/7, convenience-driven culture it can be easy to forget just how much we’ve changed food! To make the most of you low-waste/zero-waste shop you will need to adopt a new mindset. Meal planning is one thing that is key here. In a low-waste world, you might not be able to just pop-out and grab, say, chickpeas. Instead, you might need to soak the dried chickpeas the night before. Run out of veganaise to serve with those chips? There’s no popping to the supermarket, instead, you’ll have to make sure you’ve purchased all the ingredients beforehand - or simply go without.  

By the way, when it comes to veganaise, we love this BBC recipe - just be sure to save the brine from those chickpeas that you were soaking!


When it comes to low-waste…

The most important thing is not to beat yourself up about any times that you might forget your containers, or opt for a store-bought product instead of making your own. Everyone’s journey to a more sustainable lifestyle is different, and we all have learning opportunities along the way.

Happy low-waste shopping!



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